Biotechnology Case Studies

Placement 1:CEO software and reagent vendor in San Francisco

Challenge:As with many searches the primary challenge was accessing the highest quality talent. In particular, the relevant talent pool was extensive and required our research team to map the entire market for the client advising on price points and the best time to make the hire.

Approach:We worked closely with several candidates in our talent management model, keeping the candidate’s interest in the role over a significant period, allowing our client the necessary time to be diligent in their hiring process.

Solution: The company was able to bring an industry leading candidate on board following an extended interview process over 8 months. The solution required our team to keep the desired candidates engaged in the role and process, despite other roles and offers.

Placement 2: CBO, Genomics SME based in Middle East and hiring in California

Challenge: This hire was the companies first commercial hire in North America and the primary challenge was the required candidate had to have an extremely specific skillset in relation to their network and previous success. Our expert consultation was required throughout the process, advising the client on the candidate quality within each salary range.

Approach: Our consultative approach to this search was necessary to allow the client to understand the North American landscape in more depth.

Solution: The client attained an exceptional candidate who was a great cultural match and had an in-depth knowledge of scaling biotech companies from the ground up in North America.