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Our experience partnering with key players within the Senior & Assisted Living field equips us with exceptional foresight into emerging patterns. This insight allows us to precisely deliver the most qualified individuals to meet the needs of this sector. Whether enhancing existing facilities or establishing new ones, our direct access to proactive talent ensures success.

Our Recruitment Process 01

Consultation & Briefing

Understanding you and your business needs is at the heart of all our placements, so the first step always involves an in-depth consultation process to discover who you are, who you’re looking for and what makes your business tick.

Our Recruitment Process 02

Research & Identification

After discovering your needs, the real work begins. We start by mapping out the market, utilising a specialist research team to target candidates from leading companies, including the seemingly off-limits talent. Due to many cumulative years in this industry, we know who’s looking to move and how best to approach them.

Our Recruitment Process 03

Direct Approaches & Assessment

We’ve built deep-rooted connections with candidates all across the globe, so we have an already-established knowledge of who would best fit into your business. Taking the time to understand a candidate’s skillset, motivations, aspirations and experience, we can screen each potential candidate discreetly and confidentially against your brief.

Our Recruitment Process 04

Long & Short Listing

We move fast, but that’s the way we like it. In a candidate-led, fast-paced world, there’s no time to be left behind. We’re flexible in our approach, so if you’d like a shortlist or the candidates presented as they come, we’ll work with you to figure out the best strategy. Trust us to have 4-6 candidates within two weeks of the first briefing.

Our Recruitment Process 05

Client Interviews

We’ll keep you in the loop throughout the entire process, with complete coordination between your HR and talent acquisition teams, with requisite NDAs as needed. Feedback is a priority to us - from both the client and candidate - ensuring we can maintain a candidate’s interest in the role and keep things running smoothly and seemingly.

Our Recruitment Process 06

Team Fit

Once a favoured candidate has been established, it’s now important to look beyond the CV and look at cultural fit instead. We suggest an informal dinner at this stage to ensure culture fit is properly explored before any terms or offers are established.

Our Recruitment Process 07

Appointment & Offer Management

As we say, we’re here at every stage of the process, acting as an intermediary between client and candidate. Always at the end of the phone for assistance and guidance, we’ll offer advice on the finer details, such as the final package and job offer so everyone gets the best deal.

Our Recruitment Process 08

Post Acceptance Counselling

We like to stay ahead of the game, predicting and preventing any issues before they arise. Experience shows that the post job-acceptance is the phase where most issues occur, which is why we offer regular, but never intrusive, contact throughout the candidate’s notice period, to keep them interested, enthusiastic and ready for their new role.

Our Recruitment Process 09

Due Diligence

And it doesn’t just stop with those that get the role. We understand that we’re representatives of your company, so we work hard to keep all external relations professional - ensuring all unsuccessful candidates are signed off in a positive and sympathetic manner to avoid any negative publicity.

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Fordy Group's professionalism and dedication stand out making the hiring process an efficient and fruitful journey.

Sophie H HR Director, Senior & Assisted Living

Fordy Group's understanding of our industry was impressive. Their candidates aligned with our vision, both in terms of skills and cultural fit.

Daniel T CEO, Senior & Assisted Living
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