Pharmaceuticals Case Studies

Placement 1: Senior Director of Medical Affairs and team of MSL’s, Women’s Health / Neurology in Georgia

Challenge: Growing, small sized company with troubles getting FDA approval for products.

Solution: Retained initially on a search for a director of medical affairs, this was completed within a month from being retained to offer acceptance. Continued to work alongside the person we placed as well as an SVP & the CEO to place a team of 4 MSL’s, including both senior and junior members of the team

Result: Following being retained on the role, all 5 people were placed within 3 months, working across the whole of the United States.

Placement 2: CCO, Diabetes & Obesity in Boston

Challenge: The client has been searching for a CCO for 7 months prior because their initial requirements were very niche. Thus making the talent pool for the search limited.

Approach: Retained on the search which needed a real no stone unturned approach. The consultant and research team mapped out the market of every eligible person for the role, narrowing this down to a longlist of 10 people that we had spoken to and were suitable. Within 4 weeks of being retained we had a shortlist of 4 people in for the role.

Solution: Hire was made within 6 weeks with the individual still in the role today after over 18 months. This is a prime example of our thoroughness and speed.